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The Science of Addiction Recovery
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"The Sanctuary at Sedona has created an environment where you can experience the type of deep emersion that can transform the brain...that allows for freedom from addictions to be possible"
-Dr. Alberto Villoldo, New York Times best-selling author One
Spirit Medicine: Ancient Ways to Ultimate Wellness
"One of the reasons The Sanctuary is a stand alone facility is it combines both conventional and unconventional methods to treat the person in mind, body and soul. Let's face it, conventional methods in treatment programs around the world don't really work that well"
-Dr. Joe Dispenza, best selling author of Breaking the Habit of
Being Yourself and You are the Placebo Making Your Mind Matter
Top 6 Reasons to Choose Our Non-12 Step Holistic Addiction Recovery Program


1. Achieve Lasting Recovery

2. Strong Clinical Component

3. Individualized Attention & Daily Private Therapy

4. Integrated Holistic Approach

5. Healing Core Issues

6. Safe Nurturing Environment


Private & Personalized Treatment – Sedona, Arizona.
Move Past Recovery. Be Recovered.

We created The Sanctuary at Sedona to be drastically different than any other treatment center… a program that works. Our team of holistic addiction recovery experts includes specialists in the fields of allopathic, naturopathic, functional medicine, psychology, psychiatry, recovery coaching, counseling, energy medicine, integrative body work, yoga, meditation, nutrition, nutritional supplements, soul healing and spirituality and wisdom teaching. Our Non 12 Step Addiction Recovery and Trauma Healing Program is 100% integrated – simultaneously treating body, mind, soul and spirit. Our focus is to help you identify and resolve the underlying issues and root causes of your suffering.

It is possible to create a life beyond the labels and limitations of addiction and co-occurring disorders to attain a life of optimum health, meaning, happiness, peace and well-being. Our holistic treatment regimen, including intensive daily private sessions as well as group activities, treats the root cause of any disempowering behavior.

Experience Profound Life Transformation for your Body, Mind, Spirit, and Soul.

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  • Lasting Recovery
  • Strong Clinical Component
  • Individualized Attention & Daily Private Therapy
  • Integrated Holistic Approach
  • Healing Core Issues
  • Safe Nurturing Environment