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Your Soul is Calling. Will You Answer?

Heal the Soul: A Guide In the works for 14 years, the long awaited DSM-V, the 5th addition of Diagnosis and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders was released in May of this year. It is a comprehensive list of the diagnostic criteria for every psychiatric disorder recognized by the US healthcare system. It is used […]

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Treating Substance Abuse Holistically

The benefits for treating substance abuse holistically are endless, and more promising than treating substance abuse with prescription drugs. Although science has proven that prescription drugs can be very effective for patients suffering from certain diseases – for instance, Adderall and other amphetamines can help people suffering from ADHD – if a patient has the […]

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Insurance for Rehab

The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, is shaking up the addiction recovery scene by requiring insurance for rehab. Beginning January 2014, health insurance companies and HMOs now have to cover treatment for addiction, as with any other disease. Prior to the insurance for rehab requirement, an estimated one third of Americans with private […]

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How Hero Stories Inspire Us

Hero stories are popular tales that endure the test of time and space. Each culture, no matter how unique, has its own hero stories. These hero stories have been passed down thousands of years through oral tradition or literature. Hero stories are timeless because they are inspirational. But there are also psychological benefits hero stories […]

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love and codependency
Love and Codependency

Love and Codependency   Love and codependency are often confused for one another. Love is one of the most powerful and important human emotions because we are naturally wired for social connection. With tax benefits, government benefits, and medical benefits for married couples, our society encourages long lasting love. Thus, love and codependency begin to […]

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codependent relationship
Are You in a Codependent Relationship?

12 Signs You May Be in a Codependent Relationship Are you worried that you may be involved in a codependent relationship?  You are not alone.  Most people associate codependency with a partner who has an alcohol and substance abuse addiction, but there are other situations that can foster a codependent relationship.  Following are 12 signs […]

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