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Get Well and Stay Well – Neuroplasticity and Addiction

  Neuroplasticity is a core foundation for the Sanctuary’s recovery program ~   Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to adapt and change throughout our lifetimes. It is scientific fact, a core foundation of our holistic addiction recovery program at The Sanctuary at Sedona. It is the basis of why we can fully recover from addiction, […]

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Cellular Change, Epigenetics and Addiction Recovery

  Healing addictions through epigenetics ~   The science of epigenetics is one of the most revolutionary scientific discoveries of modern science. It has changed the way we understand our bodies, our health and our illnesses. Epigenetics has revealed the control we have over how our genes express themselves. This is radically different than our […]

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Addiction and Chronic Relapse

   Chronic Addiction Relapse – Pain, Struggle and Confusion   What addict hasn’t lived with pain, struggle and confusion, and the awful expectancy of them continuing on into a seemingly interminable future? The entrapment addicts feel is deep and tortuous. When this addiction relapse cycle happens in your life you can’t see a positive future […]

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Addiction Recovery Redefined

Countless ‘chronic relapsers’ have been caught in the revolving doors of recovery attempt after recovery attempt. Their struggle and pain is unimaginable unless you are one of them, or find yourself in the heart breaking position of watching someone’s chronic addiction up close.

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Healing Ourselves with Food

Good nutrition enables other healing modalities to do their jobs at the most effective level possible. Sustained by optimal nutrition, our minds are clear, we rest well, we think well and our energy levels are high and steady. Eating the right food empowers us from the inside out. It is effective, manageable medicine with only positive side-effects.

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