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Addiction Recovery Redefined

Countless ‘chronic relapsers’ have been caught in the revolving doors of recovery attempt after recovery attempt. Their struggle and pain is unimaginable unless you are one of them, or find yourself in the heart breaking position of watching someone’s chronic addiction up close.

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Healing Ourselves with Food

Good nutrition enables other healing modalities to do their jobs at the most effective level possible. Sustained by optimal nutrition, our minds are clear, we rest well, we think well and our energy levels are high and steady. Eating the right food empowers us from the inside out. It is effective, manageable medicine with only positive side-effects.

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No One Wants an Addiction to Run Their Life

Those suffering in addiction want what we all want: to live healthy and happy lives; to pursue their passions and to have successful relationships, but their behavior keeps them entrapped in a self-defeating life.

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Getting to the Heart of the Matter for Addiction Recovery

Our non 12-Step holistic addiction recovery program opens the door for full sustainable recovery. We teach you the tools to move beyond maintenance and the management of symptoms when you leave us.

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You, body, mind, soul, spirit - a simple mind map
Why Choose Us for Holistic Addiction Recovery?

Why Us You Ask?   Science has now well established the connection between the mind and the body and we have embraced that in our holistic addiction recovery program.  The Sanctuary at Sedona provides a comprehensive approach to treating the underlying issues of addiction. We know that if something is happening in the body that […]

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