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The Sanctuary Offers A New Paradigm in Cocaine Addiction Treatment

There is hope. You are not alone in this life-altering struggle with cocaine.


Our Integrative Addiction Recoverysm  program operates in a far different paradigm than the usual addiction recovery model. Our techniques are deeply transformational, getting to the underlying issues that perpetuate cocaine use in your life. This means that your life no longer has to be consumed by cocaine, or the fear of using cocaine after you have stopped.


Our approach is unique, as is our staff. The Sanctuary has been called one of the most revolutionary and effective programs in the world. It is our strong clinical component that makes that a reality. We have assembled a team of professionals trained in a wide range of modern, science-based techniques such as Energy Medicine, nutrition, bodywork, and Functional Medicine. This is a powerful and integrated approach that gets to the core issues of cocaine addiction. Through these methods you can achieve full recovery.  Non 12-step Cocaine Addiction Rehab Program




The Problem

Cocaine consumes one’s life, and compulsive cocaine use can be extreme. The brain becomes accustomed to its intensity and short-lived intoxication. Consequently, even when the body and spirit are beleaguered, cravings result in more use. A cocaine addiction feels inescapable, particularly when you are compelled to do what you don’t want to do anymore and are suffering because of it.


Cocaine use alters the brain by interfering with the activity of our natural reward/pleasure center. This results in the brain having a diminished natural ability to produce its own ‘feel good’ chemicals. Consequently, typically positive experiences no longer provide pleasure, satisfaction, or a sense of well-being.


Cocaine provides a sense of euphoria, extreme physical pleasure and feelings of confidence and competence. As with other drugs of addiction, these effects indicate underlying needs. For example, cocaine provides temporary relief from depression; feelings of emptiness, numbness, inadequacy, and lack of confidence. The price becomes very high for temporary euphoria. Cocaine takes its toll in the external life through broken relationships, financial problems, legal problems, and poor school or job performance. Internally, it claims your self-respect, sense of well-being and feeling of purpose, meaning and connection.



The Solution

Our integrative cocaine rehab program looks beyond the compulsive use of cocaine to ask: Why is this happening? What are the underlying reasons that cocaine has consumed your life to this degree? We have found that traditional addiction recovery answers are not enough— when the wrong people, places and things; wrong genetics, or your lack of compliance and willingness are involved, recovery is hard to find. Many people have wholeheartedly applied themselves to the solutions that have been offered them in traditional programs, only to relapse again and again.


We know relapse occurs even in the best situations because people believe addiction is a relapsing disease. We also see how other self-sabotaging beliefs set people up for disappointing and drug dependent lives. The powerful connection between thought, feeling and behavior has to be addressed. We create what we believe in. Consequently, we have to go to the core issues which drive cocaine addiction. The Sanctuary challenges you to believe in your wholeness, your ability to be fully recovered and your ability to sustain full recovery. Our answer to why cocaine consumes a life is that there are unhealed core issues causing it. We know how to take you to those issues so you can become free of them.


We also know we are no longer at the mercy of our genetic inheritance as we once thought. The mind is powerful; as natural beings we have natural healing abilities, and new scientific information such as epigenetics and neurogenesis teach us how to use the mind’s power. Epigenetics show us how thoughts influence our biological states and our genes. Neurogenesis shows us that our brains can heal and regenerate from the toxic effects of addiction. These and other powerful realities put us in the position of creating our destinies rather than living as victims.


We hope that this information has somehow hit home with you. We very much want to bring the good news of healing to you as you seek relief from cocaine addiction. Recovery is possible. More than that, you can be fully recovered.


If you would like to talk with us more about our program or our methods, please contact us.


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