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Holistic addiction treatment is an approach based upon the knowledge that sustained recovery can only occur when a person’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health are addressed. The body, mind, soul and spirit are connected, and disease affecting one of these areas must affect all other parts of the person. The Sanctuary was one of the first holistic recovery centers in the world and is a pioneer in taking an integrative approach to addiction recovery.


Traditional treatment centers are often fragmented and focus predominately on the mind and peripherally the body. Our holistic rehab program is designed to address the root cause of the addiction, support total healing and restore balance to a person’s whole being. In our program, traditional methods are combined with comprehensive and complementary treatment methods to fully address a person’s physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social issues.

Traditional treatment often includes the following:

  • Drug detoxification
  • Medication management
  • Emotional and behavioral counseling
  • Individual, family and group therapy

The Sanctuary holistic addiction treatment and trauma recovery program includes all of the above AND the following:

Healing of the Body

The body consists of trillions of cells, and is generating new cells every second. You do not have any cells in your body that you were born with, except for some cells in the brain and the gut. You grow totally new skin every few weeks, new organs every few months and new bones every few years. The body is self-regulating – it has the intelligence to maintain and repair itself until it gets out of balance due to stress, toxicity or injury. The toxicity of addiction, anxiety, depression, PTSD and trauma live in every cell of your body. Your cells store pain, cravings, sickness and suffering. To heal from your addiction, you must get your issues out of your tissues, and release toxicity at the cellular level.

Healing of the Mind

The mind is a chemical factory full of neurotransmitters that affect how and what we think and feel, including pain. The mind is the generator of thoughts, feelings and emotions. Identifying your disempowering thoughts and behaviors, telling your stories and becoming aware of your dysfunctional patterns are important pieces of our holistic addiction treatment program at The Sanctuary. By healing the mind, you will be able to safely explore and address issues such as addiction, codependency, your shadow and family of origin issues.

Healing of the Soul

We live in a culture primarily dominated by the ego, which is based on external reference points. Your ego bases your “sense of self” and well-being on something outside of you, over which you have no control. The ego can often obsess on what is lacking in your life, abandonment, old fears, judgment, performance, guilt or shame. Because the ego is based on external factors, it is always looking for the next thing to satisfy it, be it a relationship, a drug or a material possession. The attempt to fill the void within your soul with something outside of yourself will never satisfy you. Our holistic program focuses heavily on healing at the soul level. The soul bases its well-being on internal reference points. Your soul is intimately connected to your heart and thrives on connection, love and authentic expression. Your soul is where you will find your heart’s desire and life purpose. Your greatest personal gifts are accessed at the level of soul. It is the place where you access richness and meaning in life. It is the place where your creativity resides. It is the timeless, eternal piece of our essential self. Attempting to recover without healing your soul simply does not work.

Healing of the Spirit

To understand the importance of healing the spirit, one must understand its significance. Spirit or energy organizes all matter including your body and every aspect of your life. When we speak of “spirit” we are speaking of spirit on a personal level: your energy body. It is scientifically verifiable that every human has an energy body. It is a torus shaped field that surrounds the human body and acts as antennae for life force energy (also referred to as “prana” or “qi”). The luminous body stores information and contains a template of how we live, how we age, how we heal and how we may die. When there is no imprint for disease in the luminous field, recovery from illness happens at tremendous speeds. Conversely, imprints for disease can depress the immune system, and it can take an extremely long time for us to regain health during an illness. Imprints in the luminous field predispose us to follow certain pathways in life. They orchestrate the incidents, experiences and people we attract to ourselves.


The luminous energy field is connected to the body by the chakra system. Vital life force energy is synthesized through the chakras and made available to the body. A clogged energy body inhibits the intake of life force energy much as a dirty window diminishes the sunlight entering a room. Thus, a toxic energy field can result in a disease of the mind, body and soul. Energy medicine includes techniques to cleanse, open and balance chakras and the meridian lines as well as clear toxic imprints and the resulting negative energy patterns.

Components of our Program

The Sanctuary’s holistic addiction recovery program has specific protocols to treat the body, mind, soul and spirit. These protocols are integrated into a multimodal program designed to help you make significant changes in the time you are here and beyond. Our program includes:

  • Consultations with a Doctor of Functional Medicine
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Organic superfood program
  • Brain supplement protocol
  • Energy medicine therapies
  • Therapeutic body work
  • Yoga and exercise
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Energy psychology
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Meditation
  • Music therapy
  • Breathwork
  • Classes on the science of addiction recovery
  • Life skills and recovery coaching

The bottom line is that addiction treatment does not work if it is not holistic and integrated. Your chances of recovering from addiction, codependency, anxiety, depression and trauma are dramatically increased with a comprehensive holistic addiction treatment program.


If you would like to talk with us more about our program or our methods, please contact us.

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