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The Sanctuary is a 30-day, residential, alternative, holistic
Non 12 Step recovery center located outside Sedona, Arizona.

Holistic + Non 12 Step Recovery

We are pioneers in the field of addiction recovery. We developed and implemented our revolutionary Integrative Addiction Recoverysm program that helps our clients to move past recovery and be recovered. Our Arizona Drug Rehab is a 30-day, residential program combining leading-edge science from western medicine with ancient wisdom and healing modalities in a way that delivers measurable results; treats the whole person – mind, body, soul and spirit; and addresses the root cause behind the addiction, rather than following a disease model and managing symptoms.
  • Science-based recovery program
  • Integrative, holistic approach
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Trauma-focused
  • Resolving root causes
  • Small, private, intimate
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Alternative Holistic Drug Addiction Treatment



If alcohol is a problem in your life, you are certainly not alone. It is estimated that approximately18 million people in the U.S. are dependent on alcohol, and that another several million excessive drinkers are currently at risk. Many people have earnestly attempted to stop drinking only to return in the end. A great number of those have had several unsuccessful attempts to stay abstinent, yet something doesn’t work in the methods they have tried. We believe that until the underlying root causes of alcohol addiction are addressed, abstinence will be so uncomfortable that relapse will likely result. We offer a non 12-step approach that offers the patient a new way to get to recovery. read more +


There is hope.You are not alone in this life-altering struggle with cocaine.
Our Integrative Addiction Recoverysm program operates in a far different paradigm than the usual addiction recovery model.Our techniques are holistic and come from a non 12-step approach that is deeply transformational, getting to the underlying issues that perpetuate cocaine use in your life.This means that your life no longer has to be consumed by cocaine, or the fear of using cocaine, after you have stopped. read more +

Opiate and Heroin

Opiate addiction, to both prescription painkillers and heroin, is at epidemic proportions in our country. This speaks not only to how powerful these drugs are, but also of the deep need so many people feel for them. It is no accident that substances that kill pain are at the center of this public health crisis. 
This tells us that there is such a large portion of our society that is need of pain relief on many levels, not just physically. With a holistic and non 12-step approach to recovery, you can live the healthy future you want for yourself. read more +

Prescription Drugs

Addiction to prescription drugs like painkillers and benzodiazepines is frustrating and overwhelming. Seeking help, people ricochet from one
‘solution’ to another only to become more confused, hopeless and despairing. Relapse seems inevitable despite painstaking efforts to recover and healthcare’s remedies often perpetuate the pain of addiction. Addiction treatment must be as unique as the individual, and this is why we offer a unique non 12-step option for recovery. read more +


In the old way of thinking about addiction recovery, we thought addiction was never cured—that, at best, it just lay dormant or in remission, waiting
to be reawakened. With deep transformational healing, you may claim “I was once addicted to marijuana” rather than “I am a recovering marijuana addict”; along with “I am fully recovered from a marijuana addiction” rather than “I am recovering from an addiction to marijuana”. read more +

We treat clients suffering from addiction to a myriad of other drugs, including:

Adderall, Benzos, Fentanyl, GHB, Inhalants, Methamphetamine, Oxycodone, Percocet, Steroids, Synthetic marijuana, Suboxone And others

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Alternative Holistic Mental Health Treatment



Holistic codependency recovery is important because if you look behind addictions, beliefs, behaviors, disempowering and self-destructive thoughts, and many mental disorders, you will find codependency at their core.This term is now familiar in mainstream treatment modalities, but what is it exactly? Common definitions of codependency include: a person who is a caretaker, a martyr, or someone married to an addict. Yes, codependency can be this, 
but it is so much more. Just like addictions that are are left untreated, if codependency isn’t identified and treated, it can kill. read more +


PTSD is a psychological disorder that can develop after witnessing, or experiencing, a traumatic event. Common causes of PTSD include: 
rape, child abuse, war, terrorism, assault, and natural disasters. Common symptoms of this mental health condition include frequent flashbacks, nightmares, severe anxiety, reliving and/or feeling as though the event is happening in present day, an uncontrollable temper, trouble sleeping, feeling distant or disconnected from people, as well as avoiding talking about the event. Although symptoms may strike at any moment, they typically occur when the person is reminded of the traumatic event in some manner. read more +


Depression can consume a life. It depletes your emotional, mental, and physical energy; fills you with agonizing thoughts and feelings; and appears so overwhelmingly paralyzing at times that living life can seem unthinkable. Depression disorder can last years or decades with feelings of no escape.

Depression is often attributed to a chemical imbalance in the brain.Those living with chronic depression may consistently try to break out of the downward spiral yet, despite best efforts, may continue to struggle with recurring bouts. While common, there is scientific evidence that shows a chemical imbalance may not always present. If medication doesn’t not feel like the best course of action, there are still ways to change the brain and recover. Ask about The Sanctuary’s holistic mental health approach to depression at our treatment facility in Sedona, AZ. read more +


Anxiety is part of our body’s natural survival mechanism. Also known as the stress response, anxiety is our body signaling us that we should tread cautiously because something potentially threatening is happening or about to happen. It puts us on alert and makes us more observant. It also triggers our body to prepare to take action if necessary—beginning the ‘fight or flight’ response. Anxiety complications leave us living in that elevated state of stress, even when the threat is neutralized or non-existent. Left untreated, the brain will adapt itself to constantly scan for danger and be prepared to save our life if necessary. Hyper-vigilance is also accompanied by anxiety, and eventually complete exhaustion, considering no living organism is designed to live in a perpetual state of stress. The brain does not differentiate between a perceived threat and a real threat. As part of the unconscious mind, the limbic brain is not healed through rational thought. It is not uncommon for a person to not know or even recognize the cause of the anxiety. read more +

Dual Diagnosis, Co-occurring Disorders

Co-occurring disorders can pose multiple, often serious challenges for the people who have them, as well as for their loved ones. For recovery, not only 
is an accurate diagnosis required, but so is the help of professionals with the right expertise to address them simultaneously. Without concurrent stabilization, addiction recovery becomes very complicated, and sadly, impossible for many. An unresolved co-existing disorder will sabotage any recovery effort. We are pleased to have a team of professionals at The Sanctuary’s inpatient dual diagnosis center in Sedona, AZ that are highly skilled and well-experienced in providing the appropriate care for co-occurring disorders. read more +

Science-based Addiction Treatment

Science has increasingly shown us that addiction and related disorders can be cured if their underlying causes are resolved. This is a radical departure from the prevailing model of recovery in which a person can never fully recover. Thanks to advances in the fields of neuroscience and epigenetics, recovery no longer is limited to symptom management and remission. We have embraced this non step rehabilitation philosophy with great success. With a very practical application or neuroscience technology, we have documented the effectiveness of our addiction recovery program.
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"One of the reasons The Sanctuary is a stand alone facility is that they combine conventional and non-conventional methods to treat the person in mind, body and soul."
– Joe Dispenza, DC
International lecturer, researcher, corporate consultant and New York Times best-selling author of You Are The Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter and Becoming Supernatural.
"I don’t know of anyone in the United States, or the world for that matter, that is doing such deeply transformative work as The Sanctuary."
– Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.
New York Times best-selling author of One Spirit Medicine: Ancient Ways to Ultimate Wellness and co-author of Power Up Your Brain: The Neuroscience of Enlightenment with David Perlmutter, M.D. F.A.C.N.

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