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Sacred, Nurturing and Spiritual Environment

The Sanctuary is a 22 acre oasis nestled in the National Forest 20 minutes outside of Sedona, AZ. Sedona is a destination location for people seeking holistic healing, spiritual awakening and connection to nature. Sedona’s red rocks have been the inspiration for many renowned healers, teachers, authors, artists and visionaries.


Our holistic recovery and trauma center has a spa like environment. Each client has a private or semi-private room and bath, which are comfortable and well appointed. The grounds feel more like a monastery than the sterile environment of a treatment center. There are a myriad of private places to reflect and contemplate including a meditation center, labyrinth, medicine wheel, tipi, fire circle and thousands of acres of national forest.


We have a maximum of nine clients here at any one time, 6 staff members who live on campus and a team of recovery experts. This allows for individualized attention, a sense of safety, nurturing and intimacy for deep personal work and healing.


We serve gourmet food prepared by culinary trained holistic chefs, using only the finest organic, gluten-free, non-GMO foods and ingredients. We have a reputation for having the best food in Sedona, and most say the best food anywhere.


The Sanctuary is a one of a kind treatment center. When you arrive you will feel something extraordinary happens here. You will know that you have made the right choice.


The Sanctuary at Sedona is a comprehensive, 30 day inpatient rehab center. Our rehabilitation approach to drug, alcohol and other disorders goes beyond conventional 12 step programs to holistically treat the ‘whole’ person for lasting recovery, rather than just treating the disease, which implies that you are a victim.


The allopathic medical paradigm treats recovery as a disorder or disease to combat. This approach can be limiting in terms of success as one is trying to regain something that was lost or cure the addiction or disorder that they identify strongly with. Our approach is based on the belief that addictions and disorders are symptomatic of underlying, unresolved issues. Our program aims at identifying and healing these root causes to holistically reestablish and reintroduce an enduring lifestyle of sobriety and health.


Recovery involves moving beyond identifying with the disease and defining oneself as an addict or disorder. Successful recovery involves living this state as a lifestyle. As such, the Sanctuary at Sedona offers empowering tools for living in a way that allows our patients to manage the challenges inherent to life and to reframe these challenges as opportunities for self-growth.


Our amazing team combines practical skills, education and experience with unending dedication, passion and heart. Learn more about our team.


We are located on a beautiful, secluded 22-acre campus just outside Sedona, Arizona. A place of unparalleled natural beauty, Sedona is a world-renowned destination for wellness resources and spiritual growth. Learn more about our location.


Guest rooms at The Sanctuary are warm, inviting and filled with light. The rooms are simple yet elegant in design and very comfortable, providing safe accommodation as you heal. Learn more about our accommodations.


We have a number of financing options available, including insurance options (subject to the terms of your insurance coverage). Learn more about our financing.

Daily schedule

Our daily schedule is structured, yet personalized to address the needs of each client. Learn more about our daily schedule.


Do you still have questions? Please review our frequently asked questions page or call us for additional information.

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