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The Sanctuary offers an extremely strong clinical component and the most integrated holistic recovery program available. The Sanctuary schedule is structured yet personalized to meet each client’s needs. Each client is given a personalized daily schedule incorporating group therapy, one-on-one therapy, yoga, meditation and holistic healing sessions such as body work, energy work, bio-feedback, trauma release work, anger management, nutrition and breathwork. Evenings often include outdoor fire ceremony, inspirational videos, sound healing, drum circle and free time. We also include time for the gym and hiking in the beautiful red rocks of Sedona.


Individual Sessions are daily, one-on-one meetings with a therapist, psychiatrist, counselor, body worker or energy worker.


Group topics include: process group, spiritual resources for healing, biophysiology for recovery, emotional release, emotional wellbeing and nutrition, Be Recovered, conscious communication, power of words, trauma release experience, emotional intelligence group, neuro/bio feedback and brain mapping.

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