Disorder Rehabilitation

Disorder Rehabilitation


An Integrated and Holistic Recovery Approach

Our Integrative Addiction Recoverysm program has been successful in helping hundreds of clients struggling with depression, codependency, PTSD and anxiety whether or not they are related directly to addiction.


Although we have found these conditions are common with people struggling with addiction, many clients have sought recovery for these conditions when no addiction is present.


Addiction typically does develop in a vacuum. More often than not there exist adjunctive or underlying conditions at the root of this disease. When not addressed and healed, conditions such as PTSD or Codependency can cause relapse by triggering the urge to use. We believe in a comprehensive, holistic approach to healing all issues. As such our protocols also involve treating co-existing conditions. Below are the conditions we treat alone or concurrently with drug or alcohol addiction.


Codependency recovery is important because if you look behind addictions, disempowering and self-destructive thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and many mental disorders, you will find at their core is codependency. This is a term that is now familiar in the mainstream treatment modalities, but what exactly is it? Common definitions of codependency are a person who is a martyr, a caretaker or someone married to an addict of one type or another. Codependency can be this, but it is so much more. Just like untreated addictions, it can kill.
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PTSD is a psychological disorder that may develop after witnessing or being involved in a traumatic event. Some of the most common causes of the condition include: war, terrorism, rape, child abuse, natural disasters, and assault. Symptoms of PTSD include nightmares, frequent flashbacks, reliving and feeling as though the event is happening now, severe anxiety, outbursts of anger, sleeplessness, feeling disconnected or distant from people, as well as avoiding conversations about the event. Symptoms can strike at any time, but most commonly occur when a person is reminded of the traumatic event.
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Depression can consume a life. It depletes your mental, emotional and physical energy; fills you with painful thoughts and feelings, and appears so inescapable at times that you wonder if life is even worth living. This disorder can last for years or decades with seemingly no hope of change.


It is often attributed to a chemical imbalance in the brain. Those living with chronic depression may agree because they have tried to break out of the downward spiral and despite their best efforts have continued to struggle with recurring bouts. While tThere is scientific evidence that this is not always the case there are ways to change the brain and recover.
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Anxiety is part of our body’s natural survival mechanism. Also known as the stress response, anxiety is our warning signal that something potentially threatening is occurring. It puts us on alert and makes us vigilant. It also prepares our bodies to take action if needed, beginning the ‘fight or flight’ response. Anxiety problems leave us living in that heightened stressful state even when there is no threat. The brain adapts to constantly scanning for danger and being prepared to save our lives, and we stay in a constant state of hyper-vigilance. Hyper-vigilance is also accompanied by anxiety and ultimately exhaustion since no living organism is designed to live in perpetual stress.  The brain does not differentiate between a real threat and a perceived threat. The limbic brain is part of the unconscious mind and therefore is not healed through rational thought.  Very often a person is not even aware of the cause of the anxiety.
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